Navigating the Maze: The 2019 Index
of Intelligent Technology in HR
Executive Summary

By John Sumser


The AI hype in HR technology is spreading, and new software is cropping up daily.

This Executive Summary provides you with the top-level findings of HRExaminer’s second annual survey of technical trends, buying behavior, market growth and enterprise forecasts to give you an overarching view of the state of intelligent technology in HR.

The Executive Summary identifies:

  • Main types of Intelligent HR solutions
  • Basic concepts to help you understand the AI discussion
  • Key issues to watch — and why
  • Major ethical issues raised by AI
  • And more!

We are at the beginning of something very big. Start building your intelligent software strategy now!

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John Sumser

About the Author

John Sumser is the principal analyst at HRExaminer. He researches the workplace impacts of data, analytics and AI, and the associated ethical issues. He works with vendors and HR departments to identify problems, define solutions and clarify the narrative.

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